Project Management

Once your new steel door or window in Dallas is ready for installation, the project manager will start the pre-installation planning. For New construction projects, the project manager will confirm with the builder to ensure the rough opening dimensions are correct. At this point we will also gather any additional information or special requests that the builder may have. For remodel projects, we will confirm with the homeowner or builder the date of installation so the can have the area available for our crew to perform a smooth installation.

Coordination Process

The day of installation, the project manager will communicate with the site contact providing an estimated time of arrival of our crew. Our project manager will also assist the installation crew with checking all the material needed for the installation. The installation crew will deliver the door, the glass, hardware and any other components necessary for a smooth installation.


Our installation crew is trained on safety and in the operation of equipment necessary for the installation both in remodel and new construction. We will assist the safety meetings required by our clients to ensure we follow the proper procedure required for each company or builder.


Our installation crew understands  that each jobsite, project and customer is unique which is why we ensure that your property is protected from any elements that are part of our installation.

For iron door installation in Dallas remodel projects, our crew will completely seal off the area where the installation is being performed. We will cover floors, walls and create a bubble to prevent any dust or debris come into your home.

For new construction steel door or window installations in Dallas, our crew will properly weatherproof around the jamb. We will also cover the door leaf, jamb, and threshold so it is not damaged during the remainder of construction on the property.

Final Touch ups and Inspection

Upon completion of the installation, our professional steel door installers in Dallas will test the door for proper operation. We will ensure the the door opens and closes smoothly, that there is no air filtration, that your hardware functions properly, and remove any excess caulk or silicone. Additionally they will touch up and final detail as needed.

Clean up

Once the iron door installation in Dallas and final touch ups have been completed crew will remove any floor coverings or plastic used to protect the opening during installation. We clean up and haul off any work related debris.

If your installation required the removal of a door we can haul that door off as well unless otherwise requested. If the door is in good condition, we will donate it to habitat of humanity where it can be used to help build a home for a family in need.

What’s included with your installation?

  • All Protection material such as plastic, paper, and tape
  • All tools for installation and clean up
  • All Glazing materials
  • All ancillary components of your door such as sweeps, weather-stripping, corner pads, installation screws and screw caps
  • All final touch up materials including paint
  • Disposal of all construction materials


The installation crew will notify the project manager that the installation is complete by providing before and after pictures of each installation. We will notify the client by providing a full report of the completed installation, any recommendations and or further instructions of care. The project manager will also perform a final site walk to confirm the installation is up to code and iform the installation crew of any final punch list items needed.