It starts with a great design, quality materials and most importantly, attention to detail. At Ferro Steel Doors we have invested our careers into designing and producing crafted iron doors in Dallas , windows and railings for both residential and commercial properties.  We manufacture, our steel doors and windows at our plant in Monterrey, Mexico only 9 hours driving distance from Dallas, TX.

Our artisans have over 35 years creating hand forged masterpieces, and have gained sensitivity to the importance of our work to the final designs of the wonderful projects we have been a part of.

Our development in steel products has escalated this growth and enriched the design challenge. Not just how the finished product looks, but how it installs, how it performs, and how it feels to use. Our fabrication process is an extension of this growth. It starts with facilitating every step in the manufacturing process for the best end result. Taking better designs and learning to fabricate them efficiently as a custom production fabricator. The end result can be seen through the long list of unique features we have developed and implemented in our products.

Coordination Process

Our project managers work hand in hand with the production facility to ensure they have the final approved drawings along with any special material or hardware necessary for the fabrication of your unit. The project manager will be in communication with the plant and the customer to provide regular order status updates.


Our team leading engineers at our our production facility ensure our doors are fabricated up to code with American Door Industry standards. The ensure our custom iron doors withstand whatever forces man or nature may bring while also guaranteeing that our products have smooth operation and functionality.

Skilled Craftsmanship

We believe art is born in the mind and grows with the talent of the hands. Our skilled craftsmen utilize the latest in cutting-edge technology along with their experience and talent to design and build your handcrafted iron doors in Dallas.

Quality Control

Absolutely every door or window is thoroughly tested for operation before leaving our production facility. We will check all aspects of the door leaf, jamb, threshold, glass and functionality as whole. At this point, we check the paint is completely dry, the the hardware and special parts operate correctly weather it its a standard steel door, pivot door, or a massive steel sliding door .


After our units pass quality control, they are packaged, labeled and sealed to be shipped to our warehouse in McKinney, TX or to its final destination in the US. Our logistics team takes care of all legal custom forms and fees for exportation from Mexico to the USA.

Lead Time

We take pride in having the shortest lead time for fabrication and we are transparent in providing a realistic time frame  on all of our units as follows: